Doctor calls for car idling measures to go further

A road next to the promenade in Brighton
Image caption,The £40 fine comes into force from today

A doctor has called for anti-pollution measures in Brighton and Hove to go further after a crackdown on idling cars was rolled out.

A&E Doctor Daniel Roberts said the introduction of £40 fines for motorists of idling vehicles was a “sticking plaster.”

But Labour councillor Tristram Burden said the measures would “hopefully clean up the air” in the city.

The local council has put up additional signs warning motorists of the new measures.

A&E Doctor Daniel Roberts
Image caption,Doctor Daniel Roberts believes the measures need to go further

Dr Roberts, who is also a member of the Clean Air for Brighton & Hove campaign group, said the number of respiratory cases coming in to the Royal Sussex hospital in Brighton was increasing.

He said that members of the campaign group believed anti-pollution measures needed to go further.

“We support any measures that will help to clean up the air of our city but it will only make a small difference and it seems to be a bit of a sticking plaster,” he said.

“We would support much more broader and effective measures, such as Ultra low emission zones and smoke-free areas.”

Mr Burden said: “It is really easy – cut the engine, cut the pollution.

“Idling cars produce twice the amount of emissions than they do when in motion – so if we can implement these fines, we can hopefully clean up the air.”


Brighton & Hove City Council says that anyone who idles in a parking space, taxi rank or any other part of the road could be fined, but the measures do not apply to traffic.

It added that the fine is reduced to £20 if it is paid within ten days.

Anyone who fails to provide details will be reported to Sussex Police.

“Enforcing engine idling is something we hope will deter motorists from releasing harmful emissions unnecessarily,” the council said.

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